Claudia Lepage

Co-founder and Producer
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Claudia Lepage, a producer and consultant with over 25 years of experience in Latin American cinema, specialized in international co-productions.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy to pursue a Master's degree in Narrative and Media Communication at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo. Claudia has also attended workshops organized by the Media Business School (Spain), EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) and Tribeca Film Institute (USA).

She has served as Co-producer and Executive Producer of "La distancia más larga" (Venezuela-Spain, 2013) a feature film by Claudia Pinto, awarded the Glauber Rocha Prize for Best Latin American Film at the Montreal World Film Festival (2013). The film was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Ibero-American Film in 2015 and won the Platino Award for Best First Feature Film in 2015.

Claudia has also worked as Executive Producer of "Once Upon a Time in Venezuela, Congo Mirador" (Venezuela-United Kingdom-Brazil-Austria) a documentary feature by Anabel Rodríguez Ríos, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (2020) and has won over fifteen international awards. The film was selected to represent Venezuela at the 2021 Oscars®️.

Throughout her career, Claudia has collaborated with directors such as Claudia Pinto Emperador, Anabel Rodríguez Ríos, Carla Forte, Rosana Matecki, and Fina Torres. She has been residing in Mexico City since July 2023.

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