A three-day, online, cinematic forum bringing together some of the best talent in the Americas.

17th, 18th and 19th of June

Make It Work! is a three-day virtual forum hosted by the Venezuelan Affairs Unit. The event is based on three intensive days where some of the best US based talent in the film world will share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with our members through master classes, round tables and interviews.

The panelists are professionals in the areas such as directing, writing, producing, editing, acting and distribution for both fiction and documentary, film and television.

We believe that these types of events are crucial for the future of womxn in the film world, and that it is a unique training opportunity for Venezuelan womxn and emerging talent.

Thanks to the Venezuelan Affairs Unit, we will be simplifying direct access to top-level talent and paving the way for professional Venezuelan womxn in the diaspora to further enrich their knowledge.


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June 17th
Keynote Speaker
10:45 AM VE
7:45 AM LA
On Writing Female Characters
12:15 PM VE
9:15 AM LA
Film Finance 101 and Case Study
2:15 PM VE
11:15 AM LA
Roundtable: Pitching Your Documentary to a Studio
4:45 PM VE
1:45 PM LA
Information Session with Sundance Institute's Sundance Collab
6:30 PM VE
3:30 PM LA
June 18th
Programming and Never Compromising Your Vision
11:00 AM VE
8:00 AM LA
Producing Your Independent Film
12:00 PM VE
9:00 AM LA
The TV Business from a Business Affairs Perspective
1:00 PM VE
10:00 AM LA
Round Table: The Role of the Director of Photography and its Gaze
2:30 PM VE
11:30 AM LA
Directing the Subtext
5:00 PM VE
2:00 PM LA
June 19th
Distributing Your Independent Film
11:00 AM VE
8:00 AM LA
The Role of the Editor
1:00 PM VE
10:00 AM LA
Keynote Speaker
2:30 PM VE
11:30 AM LA

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