At JEVA, we offer training programs, workshops, and events to continue fostering the growth of our community.

Más Cortas

This theoretical-practical workshop is aimed at Venezuelan women residing anywhere in the world and offers basic tools for audiovisual production. The objective is to train participants for the creation of a fiction or documentary short film using the tools at their disposal.

The workshop consists of master classes led by Venezuelan filmmakers with extensive experience. In the areas of scriptwriting, production, direction, photography, acting, and editing.

It also has a practical phase that includes guidance during the production process until completing the short film.

Make it work!

It is a three-day virtual forum organized with the support of the United States Office for Venezuela. The event is based on three intensive days where some of the best talents from the United States and Latin America in the film industry will share their experience, knowledge, and experiences with our community through master classes, round tables, and interviews.

The panelists are professionals in areas such as directing, writing, production, editing, acting, and distribution for fiction as well as documentaries, film, and television. If you want to live this experience, the first edition of "Make it work" is available on our Patreon.

No Hay Post Sin Nuestra Voz

It is a hybrid format workshop (in-person/online) to train women in the world of audiovisual post production, focused on improving their skills and expanding job opportunities for women in this area. To date, thanks to the support of the Embassy of Spain in Venezuela, we have done 2 editions of the workshop and work to continue doing it every year.

Mi Vida Es De Película

It is a laboratory of audiovisual narratives aimed at women from South America to learn writing techniques through autofiction, to develop the first phase of an audiovisual project. It consists of 14 weeks of training, dynamics, and mentorships for each story.In this first edition of the lab, We have been able to build and tell the life stories of over 100 Latin American women.

In partnership with JEVA, WePlot, and The Goethe-Institut Venezuela.

If you want to learn more about this program, visit this link: Mi vida es de película - Goethe-Institut Venezuela

The Global Media Makers Residency in Cartagena

Global Media Makers is an innovative mentoring initiative and cultural exchange programdesigned to build a bridge and foster relationships between U.S. filmmakers and industryprofessionals with international filmmakers from diverse regions of the world.

The Global Media Makers Residency in Cartagena will be led by U.S. film producers, AnneCarey and Paula Manzanedo, and is intended for women filmmakers, particularly creativeproducers, from Colombia and Venezuela with a fiction feature film project in development.Developed by Film Independent In partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, the Cartagena International Film Festival, and JEVA.If you want to learn more about this program, visit this link:  Global Media Makers Program .




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