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If you are a student or professional in any level or areas related to audiovisual and film production (film, television, advertising, other platforms and formats of production), you just have to fill out the form that we designed to get to know you and also follow our social media. We want to provide you with support and opportunities for professional, work, personal, and social development, let us know what your expectations are and how you could contribute to help others.

JEVA is an inclusive space that supports women filmmakers and professionals in the audiovisual sector, promoting equal and diverse representation in the industry. Everyone is welcome!

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Being part of JEVA is completely free. As a non-profit organization, we are proud to offer opportunities, education, and growth to the entire community, thanks to the support of our allies.


By subscribing to our page, which is completely free, you will be able to have up-to-date information on open calls, grants and opportunities that you can take advantage of for your own benefit or for your projects. You can also follow us on Instagram, where we post most of the opportunities coming up. 



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We periodically offer workshops, talks and other educational meetings that will add to your knowledge while acquiring new professional tools.