Venezuelan Association for Womxn Filmmakers

 JEVA is an organization for and by Venezuelan womxn dedicated to cinematic creation in all of its areas. With members spread all around the world, JEVA creates spaces for meetings, education and support to promote the development of each members' careers.


Here at JEVA, we’ve created a wide variety of training programs, workshops, and events to continue promoting the growth of our members.


We regularly offer online workshops in different areas to develop technical and creative skills as well as focused training courses.



We promote conversational round-tables that allow for a safe space to share ideas on often sensitive topics.



Every month we invite industry professionals from all over the world who share their knowledge with us


Our mission

JEVA exists as a space for encounters, participation, and empowerment where filmmakers can go to materialize their projects and consolidate their careers, whilst further contributing to the reduction of gender inequality in the field, and aiming at the visibility, connection and sustainability of our associates.

Where are we?

A person can answer by naming a physical space, a place, a nation. But, every creator has an imaginary, a cultural reference. Ours is Venezuela, outside, or inside the denominated territory. We make movies and are Venezuelans, no matter where we are. However, even in a physical or emotional exile, we wonder where we are and that is exactly why we started looking for each other.

This is the main objective: to find and meet each other.

Not only to know where we live and what we do, but to generate a network that allows us to contain ourselves. A homeland imagined by all of us with the purpose of accompanying each other, making us stronger, and being able to say to the world:

Here are the Venezuelan womxn that make cinema.