Karin Valecillos

Co-founder and Writer
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Karin Valecillos was born in Caracas in 1977. She is a film, theater and television writer. A Bachelor in Literature from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, she also studied Screenwriting at the Professional Training Center of the Argentine Film Union. She’s a founder of the Tumbarrancho Teatro group and the production company Tumbarrancho Films.

As for cinema, she’s a screenwriter for “El Amparo”, winner of twenty international awards; and for “Jazmines en Lídice”, “El Dicaprio de Corozopando” and co-author alongside Marcel Rasquín of the adaptation of the novel “La Otra Isla” by Francisco Suniaga. She participated in the Film Project Development Course in Madrid with the original script “Cuentos de Guerra para Dormir en Paz”.

In the realm of television, she is the author of the first super series of MTVLA “Niñas Mal” and she has worked as a scriptwriter for RCTV Internacional. She has also participated in projects for Televen, RTI, Televisa and Telemundo. She’s a writer for Gato Grande and NETFLIX in “Luis Miguel: The Series” and adviser on a police series project for MEDIAPRO, SONY and Claro Video.

In the theater, her works have been performed in Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and the United States. She has been the winner of the Chela Atencio Award, Honorable Mention at the Marita King Playwriting Contest, FILA 2007 Award for Best Screenplay, Honorable Mention in playwriting at the Marco Antonio Ettedgui 2012, Isaac Chocrón Award for Playwriting in its first edition, Municipal Theater Award "José Ignacio Cabrujas" twice, AVENCRIT Award and Fernando Gómez Award for Young Creator.

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